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     A wedding varies mostly on traditions, customs and can be influenced greatly by one’s ethnicity, culture and religion. To have unforgettable, exciting and unique wedding the theme must be well planned. Decide first on the style that you want; is it traditional or a modern look? The style that you will choose will have to do in choosing your wedding colors. Your wedding color will set up the vibe of your wedding so choose colors that will complement the style that you already picked. If you are more traditional, classic colors like gold with a hint of pale pink or navy blue or an accent of silver, any of the three colors in combination with gold can give your wedding a classic look. However if you dig modern looks, try choosing bold colors like orange, yellow or any other vibrant colors. Choosing your wedding color as your motif can be tricky. I have here top 5 colors that are mostly chosen as a wedding color motif. I hope you can decide among these options so you can  have a beautiful theme for your wedding.

                                                                        1. Gold 
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     It is often used in a traditional wedding. It has a classic vibe that’s gives a very luxurious and elegant look. It is rich, passionate and it takes you back from the past. If your wedding happens to be on the Fall and Winter, this color is perfect because it has a warmth feeling creating that rich earthy ambiance.

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    2. Red 

     Another traditional color and mostly used as a wedding motif. One of the most romantic colors symbolizes passion and love. It creates a dramatic vibe that everyone can feel that romance. If you really want to create that different atmosphere combine it with colors like aquamarine and grays. It should depend upon the shades or red. Perfect for a Spring and Winter wedding. It is one of the easiest tones to pair with so choose the one that will complement it well.

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    3. Pink

     Same as red it screams romance. It signifies love and sweetness. It also indicate innocence but it can be energetic too depend on the hue of pink. For example hot pink shows a very energetic vibe. It’s fun, hip and definitely modern. Perfect for a beachy wedding. Well blended with black and gray. Pale Pink however has a glimpse of sweetness and romance. It is charming and goes with a traditional wedding. Perfect for a garden wedding on a Spring Day and also a Summer time.
    Good combination with gold, champagne and grays. The softness of it takes you to a whole romantic vibe.

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     4. Blue 

    It speaks of peace and serenity. A beachy wedding is perfect for this color. Perfect for a small or just an intimate wedding. The shade of blue often use is the Navy Blue. It gives a creative twist on the traditional blue. Mostly used in a nautical theme.

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    5. Green

     It symbolizes prosperity and a positive energy. It is perfect for a eco-friendly theme of wedding mostly in a garden wedding. It is a breath of fresh air because of its cool hue. It also indicates new life and growth. You can combine it with colors like pink or a countryside hue.

     Those were the Top 5 Wedding Colors use as motif.  It is not a lot but I hope it gave you an idea and helpful enough to answer those queries of yours. I hope that you got something out of it. If you are still unsatisfied try consulting on your wedding coordinator or search more on different color combinations.
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